Pakistan Navy

Sailors FAQs

I have passed my 9th class, 10th result is awaited can I apply on hope certificate?
No, you cannot apply on hope certificate.
Can I study after my selection in PN as sailor?
Yes, but there is separate promulgated policy you have to seek approval for pursuing the studies. It is not allowed in initial years of training.
Can I change my branch after selection?
No, you cannot change branch after selection.
Can I get age, marks and height relaxation?
Relaxations are not granted as per policy in vogue.
I have applied in last 3 batches but could not be selected; can I apply for 4th time in PN?
Yes, but you have to meet eligibility criteria.
I received a call from NRO that I am finally selected in PN my date of joining is the same that of my 2nd year exam, can I join late in the training?
No, but you can submit a written request to Selection Center well in time. Decision will be taken depending upon the date of joining and exams.
Who is considered as a repeater candidate?
A candidate shortlisted but could not be finally selected in previous batch and desires to appear in current batch. Candidate has to contact the respective recruitment centre during registration. PNR&SC will determine the eligibility of candidate to be considered as repeater as per policy and intimate to individual.
From where can I get entrance test syllabus?
Approved text books of Matric of all the Boards.
Can I apply for cadet after selection as sailor?
Yes, but after seeking permission from the Command.
What is the duration of sailors’ initial training?
Sailors initial training is held at PNS HIMALAYA for 26 Weeks.
I am a Naval Ward. Is there any relaxation offered to me? Keeping in view my father’s contribution to service?
Yes, as per policy in vogue 5% relaxation in marks and 1 year in age is granted to wards of naval personnel but candidate is to submit the certificate of being Naval Ward to respective PNR&SC.
Who is considered as Naval Ward?
Son/ daughter of all PN personnel (Uniform & Civilian both) are called Naval Wards.
I have contracted a Nikah; but rukhsati is awaited. Am I eligible?
No, you are not eligible.

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